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The Knot is the be-all-end-all answer to every question I have.”


“Do you ever want to leave The Knot? No, I want to be on The Knot til I die!”


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“What’s the first thing I do when I have a moment of free time? Log on to The Nest!"


“I’ve learned so much on The Nest, from money matters to relationship advice…even how to spice things up in the bedroom.”


“I’m obsessed with TTC and The Bump is the one place I can talk about it.”


“Whenever I have a question about my pregnancy, I immediately post on the baby boards to get answers from moms.”


The Nest is a new life-planning solution designed for hip and harried young married couples. The Nest (which launched online in January 2005) publishes an award-winning quarterly magazine and book series with Clarkson Potter, plus provides content to MSN and McClatchy-Tribune newspapers -- all 100-percent committed to the phrase “happily ever after.”

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“TheNest.com: a go-to resource for today’s hip married couples.”

Sister to wedding site TheKnot.com, TheNest.com is the go-to advice resource for a vast and loyal community of couples in their 20s and 30s that are building and organizing their lives together, from buying first homes to organizing their finances to decorating, entertaining, and relating. Powered by a robust online community of just-married members of The Knot grappling with the emotional issues -- and enormous to-do list -- that face people in the first few years of marriage, TheNest.com includes interactive tools, calculators, photo databases, “best of the web” guides, blogging tools, photo sharing, plus expert Q+As and rich editorial advice. Members chat in a mother-in-law-free zone and dish out advice to each other on everything from how to get your permanent roommate to pick up their dirty socks to how to inspect a property when you’re buying your first home to when and how to get pregnant with baby number one.


  • To-Do List: Stay on top of nagging to-dos, from changing your name to coordinating health insurance, with this comprehensive checklist that comes complete with an email reminder service (wouldn’t want to forget your dear mother-in-law’s birthday!).
  • Blog: Chronicle the adventures of married life, from day-to-day life to buying a home and having a baby.
  • Address Book: Easily manage thank-you notes, invitations, and the requisite holiday card mailing list.
  • Notebook: Earmark or send to a friend advice, decor ideas, recipes, and images from TheNest.com.
  • Homepage: Keep friends and family up to date with a personal web page -- with pics of your wedding, honeymoon, new home, and expanding family.
  • Recipes: Search hundreds of delicious recipes to answer that ever-nagging question: “What’s for dinner?"
  • Community Videos: Upload tours of your home, before/after videos of home improvements, movies of your pet, your babies, your kitchen talents, and more!


  • Money: How to get out of debt, make a budget, invest, file taxes jointly, buy insurance, and merge your money. Includes a household budgeter, savings calculator, and weekly Q+A with personal wealth management expert Robert Pagliarini.
  • Real Estate: First-time homeowners' guide to house hunting, plus how to find the right broker, choose insurance, get a mortgage, and more. Includes a mortgage calculator, mortgage checklists, home inspection, home-buying checklists, and a weekly “Just Moved!” section, detailing a couple’s recent home purchase (including price and photos!).
  • Decor: How to pick paint colors, organize closets, make tiny spaces feel bigger, and merge his and her styles, plus a gallery with hundreds of inspiring photos (gorgeous bedrooms, living rooms, entryways, bathrooms, home offices, and more!). Expert advice from celebrity designer Celerie Kemble and gardening guru Sean Conway. Plus: Real Home Slideshows.
  • Dinner: Hundreds of easy dinner recipes (with photos!) -- chicken dinners, pasta dinners, plus slow-cooker, low-fat, and under 15-minute meals; foodie advice on how to store cheese, stock your bar, and set the table; quizzes (wine IQ?), checklists (Top Pantry Essentials); and daily Q+A with foodie Colleen Rush.
  • Buying Guides: Advice on all big purchases, from shopping for a flat-screen TV, sound systems, refrigerators, cars, and couches to shutting off your landline to leasing a car vs. buying. Also: the best places to shop online and real people product reviews.
  • Love & Sex: How to get along with the in-laws, jazz up your sex life, and make couple friends, plus between-the-sheets advice from sexpert Dr. Pam.


  • Married Topic Message Boards: Vent about insane in-laws, dish about the daily grind, and trade tips on moving, decorating, dinners, careers, single friends, and more.
  • Local Boards: Meet and mingle with other newlyweds in your neighborhood. Review local businesses, read up about events, and schedule offline get-togethers.

City Guides
Married life is full of all sorts of new beginnings. When newlywed couples are ready to buy a home, purchase new furniture, hire a personal trainer, or even find a great spa in their area, The Nest City-By-City Guides are a very helpful (and easy to navigate!) resource.

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